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    I am new to the Drak fertilizer.
    So far i have bought KramerDrak and Eudrakon N.

    I don't want to make mistakes, so i ask some guidelines.

    My fishtank is a aquatlantis L:150cm, D:60cm, H63cm(effective water height)
    Good for 520 liter netto
    I have 4x 54 watt T5 lamps with reflector. 3x Dennerle special plant(3000k) and 1x Dennerle amazon day(6000k) in front.

    I use 100% reversed osmose water an harden it with mineral salt.
    I have Pressurized and computer controlled co2 and have precision dosing pumps for the fertilizer.

    The goals is to have a fully planted thank with plants like Blyxa Japonica, Cabomba Caroliniana, Bacopa Caroliniana, Rotala rotundifolia, Red lotus, Ludwigia repens minor, Alternanthera Rosafolia,...

    I have nog fertilized soil in the thank. Just some Dennerle powertabs bij the lotus ans some crypto's.
    I have no special filtering materials like activated carbon or purigen. Also no Uv lighting or twinstar thnigs. :)

    Waterchange: Weekly 40%

    Values at the moment:
    Th: 5°dh
    Ch: 2.5°dh
    pH: 6.1 (jbl co2 continu test shows green)
    NO3: 5ppm
    PO4: 0.2ppm
    Fe: 0.1ppm (hanna photochecker)

    I started dosing drak today. So the values above are from the old dosing system(!)

    Dosing quantity:

    Everything is dosed daily with dosing pumps at 10 AM(at start lighting)
    (tank volume 520 liters)
    Kramerdrak: 7ml
    Eudrakon N: 7ml
    KH2PO4 solution(4 grams on 500 ml): 5ml

    Does that sounds a bit right?
    I don't like to make mistakes direct from the start. :)

    Will kramerdrak have enough iron in it?