Need guidelines to make a perfect start with KramerDrak

  • Hello,

    I am new to the Drak fertilizer.
    So far i have bought KramerDrak and Eudrakon N.

    I don't want to make mistakes, so i ask some guidelines.

    My fishtank is a aquatlantis L:150cm, D:60cm, H63cm(effective water height)
    Good for 520 liter netto
    I have 4x 54 watt T5 lamps with reflector. 3x Dennerle special plant(3000k) and 1x Dennerle amazon day(6000k) in front.

    I use 100% reversed osmose water an harden it with mineral salt.
    I have Pressurized and computer controlled co2 and have precision dosing pumps for the fertilizer.

    The goals is to have a fully planted thank with plants like Blyxa Japonica, Cabomba Caroliniana, Bacopa Caroliniana, Rotala rotundifolia, Red lotus, Ludwigia repens minor, Alternanthera Rosafolia,...

    I have nog fertilized soil in the thank. Just some Dennerle powertabs bij the lotus ans some crypto's.
    I have no special filtering materials like activated carbon or purigen. Also no Uv lighting or twinstar thnigs. :)

    Waterchange: Weekly 40%

    Values at the moment:
    Th: 5°dh
    Ch: 2.5°dh
    pH: 6.1 (jbl co2 continu test shows green)
    NO3: 5ppm
    PO4: 0.2ppm
    Fe: 0.1ppm (hanna photochecker)

    I started dosing drak today. So the values above are from the old dosing system(!)

    Dosing quantity:

    Everything is dosed daily with dosing pumps at 10 AM(at start lighting)
    (tank volume 520 liters)
    Kramerdrak: 7ml
    Eudrakon N: 7ml
    KH2PO4 solution(4 grams on 500 ml): 5ml

    Does that sounds a bit right?
    I don't like to make mistakes direct from the start. :)

    Will kramerdrak have enough iron in it?

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    (same answer as on FB, to keep the forum up to date)
    With 7 ml / day KramerDrak is still dosed carefully. You could dose up to 10.5 ml/day regarding instructions.
    In case of Eudrakon N up to 21 ml per day would be possible. For this we should weekly measure the nitrate content, and then adjust the dose so that the nitrate value ends up in the desired range (about 10 mg/l or slightly higher).
    With the reported values you can certainly start well but have to optimize the current dosage later regarding to the measurements of nitrate and Fe.

    KramerDrak have indeed enough Fe. Please have a little look at the ingredients and compare with other fertilizers you know.